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The Center of Philosophy for Children (CP4C)

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The Center of Philosophy for Children (CP4C) is one of the academic units led by the School of Education in Hangzhou Normal University, conducting academic research and practical activities according to the related regulations and rules of the university. The center has connected many universities, primary schools and kindergartens across the country, and established international relationships with The Uehiro Academy for Philosophy and Ethics in Education from the University of Hawaii, the Canadian Institute of Philosophy for Children, and Philosophy with Children and Youth Network for Asia and the Pacific (PCYNAP).

The fundamental mission of CP4C is to promote the formation and development of Philosophy for Children with multicultural foundations, especially the Eastern traditional and modern wisdom. In detail, our center devotes itself to the following five tasks:

(1)The theoretical research on Philosophy for Children, including introducing and translating classic and contemporary books in the area, involving in international projects of P4C, organizing special issues in Chinese and English journals and publishing series of P4C original books, applying and conducting national and provincial research projects on P4C, holding national and international P4C conferences or advanced seminars.





(2)The development of philosophy curriculum in both primary, secondary and preschool levels , including drafting the curriculum guideline, writing the textbooks and teaching manuals, publishing original philosophical picture books, developing Chinese philosophy resources etc.




(3)The spreading of P4C across the country, not only in schools and kindergartens, but also in diverse communities and families, camps, museums, libraries and other public educational areas, as well as founding platforms for peer communication and dialogue in wechat, blogs and other on-line spaces, and collaborating with some non-profit educational foundations and companies to provide services to wider communities and areas.



(4) The systematic training of philosophy teachers including the Level A, Level B and Level C, applying municipal, provincial and national teachers training program, recruiting local volunteers and community story-tellers to promote the development of P4C.




(5)The strong collaboration with international and national organizations of Philosophy for/with Children all over the world,through the network building with P4C leaders in different countries and areas and participation of international meetings or conferences focusing on the theoretical deliberation and practice-sharing.




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